July 29 - August 9 2019

The Sabotina satisfies the triumvirate of a good sailing pram: it rows well, tows well, and sails well. And this pram is relatively easy to build, appropriate for beginner boat builders! Join us for an intensive 12-day course where you will build the Sabotina, Glen-L's version of the Sabot and El-Toro design with the masterful assistance of Instructor Greg.

The Sabotina is 7'-10" long with a 3'-11" beam, so you can literally take it home on top of a car! This is the perfect pram for all of your boating adventures, and the perfect boat to teach all the kids in your life to sail with. This boat is standard construction, not stitch-and-glue, so you will learn more advanced hull-building techniques during this course.

2019 sabotina 1.jpg
2019 sabotina 3.jpg

Build Your Own

Boat $1750

2019 sabotina 2.jpg
2019 sabotina 4.jpg

Take The

Course $500

* Assistant's Tuition allows you to participate in construction without purchasing materials - limited spaces available

In this one-week class, you will build either a 12-1/2-foot or 14-foot Kaholo paddleboard.  The Kaholo 14 is better for larger paddlers, 190lbs or more (or those who might carry along dogs or small kids). The 12-6 is more compact, best for smaller-statured paddlers, and it fits in several increasingly popular racing classes. There are no other SUP boards in the world that are easier for a first-time boatbuilder.

Prices are $1525 for the Kaholo 12'6" and $1560 for the Kaholo 14' board.  These prices include shipping and the materials for building the board.  It does not include varnish or any desired painting or customizing supplies or materials.


For further information or questions, contact or call 970 305 7132.   Signups can be completed on the Registration page.  


build your own stand up paddleboard


For Kaholo 12'6" Board, Click Here

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Tuition for an assistant, click here