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RMWBS Projects

1954 Chris Craft - arriving into our shop this spring, this will be a great project boat for the person wo always dreamed of owning one of these classic boats.  In generally good shape, this boat is powered by a Cadillac engine.  Contact us if this boat is in your future plans.

Chetek - a great example of a lapstrake boat, this 1954 classic has a sound hull and a beautiful mahogany windshield frame.   

Century Resorter - the RMWBS has a 1948 Century Resorter with engine and all hardware.  This boat will take some work but will be a beauty when completed.  The hull is sound but both engine and boat will require an investment of time, but well worth the end result.  

E Scow - the RMWBS was given a donation of a 1966 Melges E-Scow.  This classic wood boat comes with a multitude of sails and will require some minor repairs.  You should see this wooden beauty on Grand Lake this summer.

Pen Yan - How about a 1946(?) canvas covered Pen Yan.  This is another of those classic wooden boats which will provide lots of satisfaction when restored.  A sound hull will minimize the work needed to bring it back to its original glory.

River Dory - starting to investigate a class to build a Grand Canyon Dory or a Whitehall rowboat to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the John Wesley Powell Expedition down the Colorado River.  A good way to become a part of this unique history.  


All of these boats are available as project boats for an owner or can be part of your education as a restoration project.  Contact the school to let us know of your interest. 

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