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Thank You - A Grant From The RPM Foundation!

Thank you to The RPM Foundation for supporting our educational programs! The RPM Foundation has granted RMWBS $3000 for our spring restoration with the CREW Team from Middle Park High School in Granby, Colorado. The project was designed to enable the expansion of vocational training techniques to include instruction on boat restoration. This year's CREW project involves the replacement of canvas covered hulls and decks on wooden boats.

The RMWBS was donated a 1950's Peen Yan and a canoe needing hull restoration. These boats will be used to teach the required restoration and woodworking skills to replace the canvas. Additional work will be done to repair and restore wood framing as needed. Canvas covered boats were once popular on Grand Lake and this will contribute to preserving the heritage of these types of boats that are a part of that history.

We have been fortunate to have return students to the RMWBS through the CREW Program, and a substantial part of the school year for the CREW Team is spent working at the RMWBS. . This continuity of these programs is critical to learning the skills needed to be a craftsman in the field. The commitment to long term programming allows the school to offer the broadest range of training in the full spectrum of boat building and restoration. We are very grateful to The RPM Foundation for assisting in such a meaningful way in keeping this program alive and thriving!

The RPM Foundation (RPM) is an educational grant-making program of America’s Automotive Trust (AAT). RPM is funded by collector vehicle and classic boat enthusiasts to serve youth and young adults on their pathways to careers in automotive/marine restoration & preservation along with the long-term interests of the collector vehicle and classic boat communities. Visit: for more information.

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