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Grand Students Restoring Boats

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

A wise person once said, "The art of building and restoring boats is the single-most comprehensive path to learn the greatest number of skills. From arts to trades, boat builders learn physics, astronomy, sculpture, architecture, auto mechanics, woodworking, and so much more. But the single most important thing the apprentice shipwright will learn is patience."

Grand Crew students getting ready to refinish the gunwales.

With this in mind, RMWBS has partnered with local schools to teach myriad skills, restoring donated boats as the medium. This season, director Ken Fucik has been leading classes in partnership with Middle Park High School’s Grand Crew. This unique program that offers students crucial alternative choices for their educational path.

Chipping away at old paint, a Middle Park student gets totally into this antique Glen-L Sailboat. Next year we hope to get these kids out on the water sailing it!

This program is due in part to generous donations from the Grand Lake Rotary, Grand Fire Protection District, and the Grand Foundation. Donations have gone toward tools, safety equipment and materials. We are grateful for this incredible local support.

The Grand Crew/RMWBS restoration projects have been a part of the Grand Crew curriculum since the spring of 2017.

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