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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Registration can be done on this website by completing the form on the Registration page.  It can also be done by contacting Ken Fucik at 970-305-7132.  All fees must be paid by June 25 to allow for kits to be ordered and shipped to RMWBS.  Payment can be made by check or PayPal.

How long is the class? 

The class will last five half days, beginning at 9am on Monday and ending at 5 pm on Friday.


How much do you get done in a week?
You will get major assembly done in the course of the week, including fiberglass work.  Final finishing work---sanding, varnishing, painting, and final fit-out, may take place at home.  

How skilled do I need to be to take a class?
The class is suitable for first-time boatbuilders with little or no woodworking experience.  It will be challenging, but we won't let you falter.


Who can take a class?
All are welcome---you just need to be willing to learn.  Most students are adults. Children accompanied by a parent or guardian should be 10 or 12 or older and possess a good attention span.  Unaccompanied kids should be 16 or older with good focus and work ethics.  All students should be ready for a very busy week of physical labor. 

How physically fit do I need to be?
Building a boat in a week requires persistent physical labor, averaging 8-9 hours per day Monday-Friday.  Everyone should  expect to be standing and working with their hands for a full week.  There is little, if any, heavy lifting.

Can more than one person work on one boat?
Absolutely.  We encourage assistants, pairs, and teams.  Assistants will pay a reduced tuition for the week, typically $400-$450 each. 

How much does a class cost?
You'll cover the boat kit and pay tuition.  Tuition is $800 per week.  Your specially-prepared kit will be waiting for you when you show up for the first day of your class.

How will I get my boat home?
You'll need to arrange to leave with your boat on the last day of the class.  The paddleboard may be cartopped, given sturdy roof racks.

Who teaches the boatbuilding classes?
The Class will be taught by Mr. Hal Jaeke.  He is a professional in boat building and restoration and has built his own paddleboards.

If you need to cancel:
Students who cancel 30 days or less before the class begins will not receive refunds.  

If we need to cancel:
In the event of an emergency or a lack of registrations, RMWBS reserves the right to cancel classes and refund all tuition and boat kit money.  

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